Boho Style for Older Women

Boho Style for Older Women

Posted by Michelle Kedwell on

We love that our pieces fit any age range. We've created cuts and styles that flatter a variety of body types, in beautiful custom prints we design in house. We know not everyone is a Size 8 and we wanted to create beautiful designs to suit all body types.

A lot of our styles feature customizable sizing with drawstrings and thought out cuts. We also cut most of our dresses and skirts in a longer length. We believe in style at any age and want our designs to reflect that!

Here are some of our customer favorites:

2 in 1 Maxi Skirt



Bohemian Drifter Dress

Bohemian Drifter Dress

Bohemian Drifter Dress

Our bestselling Jasmine Tie Top

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  • Boho Style for older women!
    As an OLDER WOMAN I have never felt any of your styles were inappropriate for older women and have felt very comfortable here – until I read this!

    Annie Dunlop on
  • Rather insulting you think these women are old.

    Chrissy on
  • I love the intro part, just like the first comment older looking women should have been used for illustration purposes. Check out for other boho styles.

    Gwen on
  • Why use young models for fashion for older women…

    Naj on
  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    zzhknqqxca on
  • First time to your site. I’m a little confused. The byline is Boho for older women, but the images on the splash page are of younger women.

    Ania on

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