About the Designer

How it all began, a note from the Designer & founder Michelle Delapierre

Saffron Road was born out of a passion for travel as well a taste for the mystical and exotic. As a young woman, I travelled the old trade routes of India and Nepal for years, getting lost in ancient civilisations whilst hunting down rare embroideries and textiles. I had tailors make beautiful bohemian-spirited clothes and accessories from my discoveries and hauled them back to Sydney's weekend Markets where customers couldn't get enough of the craftsmanship, prints and patterns. I loved the adventure and creative energy of the process. I sold out almost immediately after my first trip, and before I knew it, I was back on a plane headed for India to do it all over again.

How it’s made

Proudly Australian owned and designed, we manufacture out of a very small owner-occupied factory in Bali. Nyoman and his wife have been making Saffron Road for over 10 years. Staff loyalty and commitment reflect how they run their business, the craftsmanship of the work they produce and how they treat their employees. Ethical production is very important to us, as everybody deserves to be paid a living wage, whilst producing quality they are proud of.

Women’s bodies and the art of patternmaking

Our process starts with the “pattern” which is basically how the dress fits.  We spend hours perfecting the shape and fit, ignoring conventional size grading's, whilst making sure it is flattering for a size small as well as a for a size extra-large.


We all have that one piece of clothing that makes us feel our best. Why don't they make clothes like that anymore? Mass-produced fast fashion is all about quantity, limited sizing, and low-quality materials to maximise profits.


At Saffron Road, we believe that success lies in the exact opposite of that formula.  For us, success lies in making bespoke patterns that fit a range of women bodies – when a dress is cut right it takes patience, skill and craftsmanship, this is at the core of everything we strive to achieve.  


As designers, we should be making clothes that fit women's bodies, rather than women having to change their body shapes to fit our clothes. Making women feel confident and sexy is a really wonderful part of our work. Saffron Road is not just another label selling women’s dresses, it’s about making clothes that empower women.

I hope you love our collection as much as we do.

love Michelle x