Celebrating Mother's Day with Boho Goddess Eilish Byrne

Celebrating Mother's Day with Boho Goddess Eilish Byrne

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We caught up with our favourite boho mumma @eilishbyrne
to chat about style, self care, and Mother's Day with her sons Arlo and Roux
Eilish wears the Tully Twirl Maxi from our Wildflower Collection
How would you describe your personal style?

"I definitely don’t have a set style, eclectic is probably the word I would use.
I love flattering, feminine cuts, bright colours, unique patterns & dresses are always my ultimate go to"
Eilish in our Wildflower Boho Drifter Dress
What are some of your daily routines to stay positive at home?

"I like to keep our mornings fairly slow and simple so the boys have a happy & calm start to their day. Snuggles in bed followed by a slow breakfast & a chat about what we are going to do that day. I like to also have some outdoor play in the mornings for the boys and a chance to soak in a bit of vitamin D & fresh air for myself for a really positive start to the day".
Eilish styles our Paris Night Blouse in Cream for Autumn @eilishbyrne
How have you been styling your boho dresses for the cooler weather?

"I can and do wear dresses alllll year round! In Winter I love to style them with a pair of thigh high boots and a big vintage coat. Sometimes I go for a big oversized chunky knit layered over the top, some stockings, cute ankle boots & a hat for a more casual look"
How have you been keeping your boys entertained while indoors?

"We are sooo so lucky to have a large yard that the boys can play and run around in which has been an absolute lifesaver.
My oldest little one, Arlo (almost 3), is super into his arts and crafts, so we often get creative with play dough, kinetic sand, drawing, painting & crafting things from recycled boxes & food packaging. 
My littlest, Roux, is only just 6 months so he’s perfectly happy to scoot about the house after Arlo and play together all day!"
What is your favourite piece from Saffron Road, and why?

"I have to say I love my Tully Twirl maxi dress in Wildflower 🦋 such a flattering piece and so versatile it can be worn year round! Obsessed!"

How will you be celebrating Mother's Day this year?

"Hopefully a nice quiet day with my boys and partner with plenty of snuggles and a whole load of loving on each other!" 💕

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